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deliery options

Drive To Our Home

Puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. You may come to our home and pick up your puppy anytime in the seven days after the puppy turns 8 weeks old. After that week, if you need additional time, we will charge $10.00 a day for extended care and vaccinations. Puppies will only be held past 9 weeks of age, by prior arrangement with us. Please email or call to arrange extended boarding. The only time an exception will be made is when we or the Veterinarian determine that the puppy should go home at a later date. 

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Fly To Our Airport

You can fly into the local airport. We can either meet you at the airport, or you can come to our home after your flight.

If you plan to fly in, we can bring your puppy to the airport and meet you inside the airport. The fee to fly with your puppy is usually between $75-$150. You will need a soft carrier that will fit under your seat. Your puppy will need to be at least 8 weeks old to fly. Please contact your airline for exact cost and regulations regarding flying with pets.


We Deliver

If you live some distance away, we can meet you some of the way to lessen your drive time. We charge $40.00 an hour (drive time) to cover the cost of driving. Meeting is a great way to reduce the amount of time spent driving and, in most cases, eliminates the need of an overnight stay. If you are interested in this option, please call me and we will discuss the details. 

North Carolina:

Raleigh $120.00

Charlotte $120.00

Wilmington $280.00

Asheville $200.00


Augusta $280.00

Atlanta $360.00


Washington DC area $360.00

Wytheville $160.00

Richmond $280.00

South Hill $160.00

South Carolina:

Greenville $200.00

Columbia $200.00

Florence $200.00


Gatlinburg area $320.00

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If you need shipping, we can deliver your puppy using a puppy nanny. We will meet the puppy nanny at the airport. Then, the puppy nanny will board the plane with your puppy and will hand deliver your puppy to you. This provides a less stressful traveling experience for your puppy. 

Let us know in advance if you need this option. 

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